Investment Process

We employ a 5 phase investment process:


Sourcing / Pre-screening

Our goal is to seek out good companies with strong potential for growth. Our fund managers proactively screen the market for potential investments and take on a highly selective and well-researched approach to assess these deals.


Assessment & Evaluation

The team adopts a systematic approach to evaluate the target company. Once potential investments are identified, the investment manager will investigate the opportunity in depth; i.e. geographical location, industry, potential returns, preliminary assessment of business model, assessment of management team and viability of business model. At times, we also bring on board experienced professionals to provide additional perspectives on the investment opportunity as external references for verification, so as to better understand the company and the industry they operate in.


Structuring and Financing

The team considers different deal structuring alternatives and undertakes extensive due diligence to the viability and growth prospects of businesses. The potential investment will be reviewed and approved by a formal vote of our investment committee.


Monitoring & Engagement

Post transaction, the investment managers and its team of analysts proactively work closely to monitor the portfolio companies, strategically focusing on the development of the company toward operating milestones and exits.


Realising the Investment

As the business matures, depending on the structure of the deal, the investment team will manage the execution of divestitures and exit strategies either in the form of an IPO or via a trade sale.